Pet Portraiture by Commission
The Painted Beast

Photo Tips

While you’re choosing the photos, keep in mind that our end product will be a classical portrait painting.

I can not emphasize enough how important good photographs are to the success of a painted portrait. But please don’t get stressed out. I’ve compiled below a few instructional videos I found on YouTube that have great tips.

I’m looking for these qualities in the photos you send me:

  • Keep your camera at your pet’s eye level for a classical portrait feel.
  • Make sure your pet’s fur, feathers or scales are in focus.
  • Lighting; Don’t use a flash. Use continuous light or outdoor diffused¬†light for maximum detail and color accuracy.
  • Use the best camera you know how to use. A good quality camera phone that shoots high res files is fine.
  • It’s okay to enlist someone you know who takes great pictures. Pet photography is often a two person job.
  • Take time to get your pet comfortable. Minimize distractions.¬†For instance, take your dog for a walk first so it’s relaxed.
  • Pay attention to the background in your photo (so I can see the shape of your pet)
  • Send pictures that show the personality of your pet.
  • Send me photos from a variety of angles and different lighting situations.
  • Fill the frame with your pet’s head and shoulders, but make sure all the important parts of your pet in in the frame (for instance all of Rover’s ears)

Relax, send the best photos you can. I’m happy to coach you until we get the photo that makes your pet’s personality shine. Meanwhile, enjoy these videos.